Enjoy sunshine-sunglasses for women from voogueme.com

Summer came! And I need to change my eyeglasses. Actually for a long time, but that’s another story. The main idea is that I’m looking for a frame, but either I found cheap, but no charm, either superb, but at a price you can not get close.

The conclusion to this problem was to look online, maybe I can find something for my soul and future online prescription glasses. So I found some models that caught my attention. What can I do if I can not decide on a single model? No wonder that we women are in a store for more than 2 hours to choose something.

Enjoy sunshine-sunglasses for women from voogueme.com

I seriously think of taking two or three pairs of glasses, because each occasion is unique, and how the outfit counts, so is the accessory.
So I have a pair of eyeglasses, a pair of sunglasses and a pair of glasses for driving.
After many searches and questions, I found and where to take these pairs of glasses.
Voogueme.com has a very wide range of glasses and even has a great promotion this month, which is why I want to tell you what it’s all about.

Enjoy sunshine-sunglasses for women from voogueme.com

The idea of ​​choosing my pairs of online glasses came from the desire to find something special because city prices differ from one optometrist to another and from one brand to another. So I can say that the online order solution is a saving one. All I have to do is make my lenses, in fact, wait … that you can take online prescription sunglasses. Is not that cool? All you have to do is go to an ophthalmologic check, take your doctor’s dioptrie paper, come home and sit down on your laptop and choose a frame to enter the ophthalmic data.
Do not forget, this month is a great promotion “Buy 1, get other frames 50% off!”

This is why I want to take another pair of my glasses, but this time the sun! If I walk through the normal glasses, I’m doing the same for prescription sunglasses. I’m not pretentious at the eyewear frame, but in the sunglasses, I’m sure to compromise and take an extravagant frame, as it should be for the summer season!

I’ve been waiting for these deals for a while, and I’m still thinking about it, and I’m still looking to see what’s good for me, and two models have caught my attention, I’ll attach them below, but as I’m decided to buy them, equally undecided are the choice of the right model. However, I have some issues that are of particular interest to me.
These aspects are first and foremost the price, then the model and finally the quality of them, because if I take these important points in the final decision, because I wear not just for a few days these glasses … but I take them for the following at least 6 months from now on.

Enjoy sunshine-sunglasses for women from voogueme.com

The third pair will be for when I’m driving, I will make them polarized sunglasses. I’ve noticed how important it is to have such protection while driving to my mom, who wears sunglasses, but since taking such a model, the sun and UV rays do not bother her any more.
My husband is looking for such a pair of glasses and I think I will give him a surprise because I will still make a large order, and to make two orders, I prefer to take advantage of the opportunity and to cushion my investment after receiving products rather than regret it later.

How do you choose your sunglasses or prescription glasses?


  1. Mirela Marin says:

    Îmi plac ochelarii de soare, de când mă știu 🙂
    Aleg întotdeauna ce mi se potrivește dar țin cont , neapărat, de calitatea lentile, uv etc.
    Mulțumim pentru recomandări!

    1. Maddy says:

      Cu mare placere!

  2. Nicio zi cu soare fără ochelari de soare care sa imi protejeze ochii.

  3. Rokolla says:

    Nu stiu cum am facut de m-am capatat cu o sensibilitate la soare si am nevoie de ochelari de soare obligatoriu. Imi plac modelele alese

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