Once in your life, you are the Bride!

Being the bride is the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life, but the preparation of a wedding, emotional and physical involvement is very great. 

How do I know that? We went through this, and because it was a special situation, we had to be ready in a month! Yeah, you read it well. In a month we had to find the room, look for my dress, look for all kinds of accessories and not just for me, but also for the wedding guests.Choose the menu, choose the testimonials, choose flowers for the cars, flowers for our parents and guests, choose the bridal bouquet, make 4 types of invitations, do you want to tell others?

Obviously, after we finished all this and went out the way I wanted and I drew a healthy line, I took a break for another month and I said to put on the blog I discovered a week after the wedding.

I will be honest with you, as in other posts and I will only say to you: We have found the best rated site for brides, which contains absolutely everything you need to be the Most Princess Bride seen by all the wedding guests and all the family. 

This is  AW Bridal® USA.

Why did I choose to write about them? Because you can find everything you need from bridal dress up to intimate underwear from the wedding night. 

The decision for me was simple, I recommend the best!

I made a selection according to a few criteria and then I even guided my wedding. These are: 

– white dress – which denotes purity and sincerity;

– something borrowed – is the desire to take over the experience of other married women; 

– something blue – associated with masculinity and represents the union with the future husband; 

– something new – is the hope of a future full of accomplishments with the loved one and the last but not the last: 

– something old – represents the bride’s past, the traditions of her family and her.

Below we created two brides, one traditional and one non-conformist. Why? 

Because I wanted both types, but it was a wedding with parents money, I had to pray for my mother to dress her at a fashion house, so if you want to be the quiet and relaxed bride, put money for bridal dress when you are little! Or you have the option to Amazon Dresses!

Ok! As you can see, I made a collage with a classic bride, with a cream dress (this model comes in white), with an all white veil (this can be dropped later), and as a hair accessory I chosen a coronet with blue pebbles. I added the shoes “like a stain of color” and the bouquet is much blue, pink and white.

If I were to choose this outfit now, I would do it! Why? Because you find them all in the same place, and aw bridal Review‘s are among the best!

If you are a nonconformist bride and want something to make you unique, you can choose the above option.

And you’re not done yet! If you have your sister, your best friend, the twin cousins ​​and the baptismal fins, you can not let them dress as they will especially if they are a bridesmaid. I sell you a tip: all the site I just told you to find what you need.
AW Bridesmaids Dresses is where you can choose what you want for bridesmaids. Indeed, it is not easy to choose, but I can warmly recommend you choose your favorite color and tell you it will be perfect.
 I sell you a tip from a former bride to a future bride. If you have an overweight bridesmaid, be careful how you choose the outfits. There will be many discussions on this topic, but if you have the opportunity to choose a model from what you saw, which would benefit this lady as well as the rest, very well.

Want to see more models of bridesmaid dresses? Bird Gray has a pretty big collection of which you will surely have what to choose!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment. As for the next article, you will soon find out what will be!

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